Ice Cold Tour





Based out of Seattle, The Monday After is hitting the streets and airways hard with their ever evolving and multifaceted soul thumping sounds; The Monday After will suck you in, love you all over, and spit you out into a funkier, sexier, happier you. It’s a musical experience worth having. Real instruments, Real vocals, Real energy; with a dash of techno cool. Seasoned musicians, all three members of the Monday After are musical mad-scientists in their own right and its all business from here. They know what you need and they’re here to give it to you in ways you never knew you desired.

Find out for yourself. Plug in and let go.


Lead Vocals, Bass, Synths / Jaz Lund
Guitar, Vocals, Sampling / Seth Paul


Album Art.png

Famous By September

by The Monday After


12.08.2013 / Live at Lucid in Seattle


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